About Us

Eco Home Group. Since 1990

Our group has over 30 years of building custom homes and developments with the idea in mind that we don’t build homes that we wouldn’t want to live in when completed. The majority of our builds are with open floor plans and the latest construction materials. Eco Home Group is not set in old ways that ignore the constant evolution of the building industry.

Eco Home Group High Level of Detail

The mission behind Eco Home Group is to build a well-made cost competitive low environmental impact house. Our designs are both ergonomically designed as well as driven to be as energy-efficient as the home market’s budget will allow.

Our homesites are low waste and we try our best to keep as much of the lot having natural connections.  Our fast building techniques allow s to finish homes ahead of other builders in the industry which also allows our customers to move in or sell the homes much faster.  

Eco Home Group adheres to the strictest of building codes and we subject ourselves to third party inspection before a township/ state official ever steps foot into the home for your certificate of occupancy.   All while keeping our costs lower than builders of our same quality.